Press / Media Mentions of Honored With Prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award for 6th Straight Year founder Kevin Miller announced recently that his firm has been recognized with the Consumers’ Choice Award in its category for the sixth year in a row. The award is given only to those businesses, like, that have shown superior customer service and [...]

Continue reading... Says Online Reputation is Backbone of Business is the go-to source for home buyers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They’ve won numerous awards, including the Customers’ Choice Award for Non-Bank Lending Institution six years running. But, even successfully closing over $600 million a year in home sales, refinances, and other transactions doesn’t protect this BBB accredited business from the occasion bad review online. Here, the group explains why it happens and how to handle it.

According to, even if a business owner is diligent in their customer service, follow-up and follow-through, they will, without doubt, find themselves staring at a single star rating online one day. But, why is this? recites the ages old adage “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.” That saying is as true today as it was 100 years ago. says that negative information found online can affect a company’s reputation and prevent new customers from contacting them for their services. This hurts more than just the business owner; it puts stress on employees and can cause unnecessary concern among their current clientele, notes founder Kevin Miller.

Online reputations are the backbone of business these days, claims It is estimated that nearly 90% of consumers in the US search engines to locate information on products and service before they buy. notes that Google alone logs over one billion unique users per month. This illustrates just how important having a good online presence is, says

Reasons for Negative Customer Reviews explains that sometimes customers are non-confrontational and will not address any issues they may have with management. Instead of voicing their concerns, they will simply go home and vent online. Often, the issue in which they were so upset about in the first place is resolved but the bad review stays online. Forever. says that people often don’t bother to pull a review offline.

Then, there is the dark side if the internet. explains that not all bad reviews are reviews at all. There are businesses out there that will pay to have negative information posted on the web to drive cash away from their competition. This is true of all industries. Ex-employees, scorned lovers, and even bored teens are also known culprits of posting negative, and usually false, information online, says

How to Encourage a Positive Online Presence believes that word of mouth is the best way to advertise. For most businesses, these words come in the form of client recommendations. suggests asking customer to complete a post-service survey and allowing their comments to be posted as a testimonial to the company. Additionally, having a company or personal blog can go a long way with search engine results, says Finally, suggests responding, if possible, to the negative content.

For more information about, visit them on the web or call 800.346.8047.
4100 Alpha Rd., Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75244
NMLS# 137773


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